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From this page you can place your order for any EAN13 barcode. We charge a small amout of money for this. It is also possible to order a fee sample barcode.
The EAN13 barcodes we supply come as .eps (postscript) documents. They confirm to the rules as set up by the EAN organisation and look like the sample shown here. The width is 37,29mm and the height is 25,93mm. This is the official size for an EAN13 barcode. In our oppinion the internal structure of an .eps document should be as simple as possible. Because of this it is possible to 'ungroup' our barcodes with, for example, Adobe Illustrator. The barcode will then be fully editable! You will have full freedom to change anything you want.

Request a free sample
Here is the place where you can request a free sample EAN13 barcode. This sample barcode is generated exactly the same way as the paid barcodes to give you a good opportunity to examine the quality of the barcodes we deliver. Please try our sample barcode and use it with your favourite software. The barcode that will be emailed to you contains the number '8712345678906'. This is a non existing EAN code that you can use for testing purposes.

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Order a real EAN13 (not free: 5 euro)
If you have used the above free sample to verify that the barcodes we supply are to your liking (if not please tell us what you would like to see different) then you can order a real EAN13 barcode here with the content that you specify.

The EAN13 that you want to order:
If you have any questions or comments about our barcode service please mail: