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Er zijn diverse mogelijkheden om TV te kijken op uw computer. U kunt een kaart in uw Mac stoppen vermits de Mac en het OS dat toe laten. U kunt ook met een extern kastje werken dat of op de USB of op de FireWire poort wordt aangesloten.

TV kijken via FireWire

Produkt Aansluiting Art# Prijs
Elgato Eye TV200: digital video recorder (FireWire)
Voor kabel aansluiting
FireWire  A-9737 

Niet leverbaar

Elgato Eye TV310: digital video recorder (FireWire)
Voor digitale sateliet
FireWire  A-1861 

Niet leverbaar

TV kijken via USB

Produkt Aansluiting Art# Prijs
Terratec Cinergy Hybrid T USB XS Mac
TV tuner geschikt om Analoge (kabel) televisie en Digitale (digitenne) televisie mee te kijken op uw Mac.
Wordt geleverd inclusief de EyeTV software.
USB A-3011  Niet leverbaar

TV kijken via een PCI kaart

Dit zijn kaarten om op de computer TV te kijken.

Produkt Type Art# Prijs
Miglia Alchemy TV DVR PCI A-4335  Niet leverbaar

TV kijken via een 'Express Card'

Dit zijn kaarten om op de MacBook TV te kijken.

Produkt Type Art# Prijs

Terratec Cinergy T Express Card Mac
Digital TV on your MacBook Pro

With Cinergy T Express for the ExpressCard interface of your MacBook Pro you can receive digital TV via antenna (DVB-T) while on the move. The tuner card is extremely compact and can easily be stored anywhere. An additional power adapter is not required, as the Cinergy draws its power directly from the notebook. A suitable compact antenna is included - simply insert the ExpressCard and you're ready to watch TV. Naturally, you can also connect the Cinergy to your roof antenna at home.

This function liberates you from the TV stations' rigid programming schedule. If you still have something to take care of, simply tune in ten minutes after your favorite program has actually started. The elapsed part of the program has been recorded to your hard drive, letting you rewind, fast-forward or pause the show at any time. Simply press a button to skip annoying commercial breaks.

Electronic program guide (EPG)
An integrated electronic program guide (free one-year subscription included) helps you keep a clear overview of the wealth of available digital stations. You therefore have a complete, current program guide for the next one to two weeks at your fingertips. The programs currently running on all stations are conveniently grouped on a single page, and information on the content, actors, production year, etc. is also available from that page.

Powerful hard-drive video recorder
Record programs manually or set up timer-controlled recordings without quality losses and edit out unwanted content such as commercial breaks with ease. To manage your recordings, simply drag and drop them to organize them in playlists. Sort recordings according to series and seasons, artists, genres, etc. You can create as many playlists as you like for convenient searching and perfect organization.

Teletext and digital radio
The convenient teletext function provides useful information related to the TV program and more. Teletext can be displayed on a black background or transparently superimposed on the current program. Navigating teletext is as simple as on a conventional TV set. If radio stations are available via DVB-T in your service area, you can not only listen to them, but also record them to your hard drive and export them to iTunes or your iPod.

Support for iPods with video functionality
Transfer music videos, TV shows and other recordings to your iPod with a single click. Connect it to your TV and enjoy the recordings not only on the iPod's display, but also on your TV screen. The iPod export is fully automatic - as soon as the recordings are complete, they are automatically converted to iPod format and transferred to iTunes for synchronization with your iPod.

Perfect Mac integration
EyeTV is a universal application that delivers its full performance on PowerPC and Intel Core platforms. The management and organization of recordings has also been optimized for Mac: each recording is stored in a separate file that you can rename, copy, move or launch in the Finder. The appearance fits, too: all program windows and the elegant onscreen remote control are perfectly matched to the Mac OS design.


Scope of Delivery:


* TerraTec Cinergy T Express
* Portable aerial with magnetic base
* Software CD-ROM: Elgato EyeTV (Mac), TerraTec Home Cinema (PC)
* Manual on CD-ROM.

Express Card A-2498  Niet leverbaar

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