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Wij leveren Apple Macintosh computers en de bijbehorende software en randapparatuur.
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Wacom Accessoires

Customize your graphics tablet to match your personal style or special requirements. Choose from a wide array of Wacom specialty UltraPens and Pucks designed to let you work the way you want.


DuoSwitch(tm) UltraPen(tm)
Offers the same pressure-sensitivity as the Erasing UltraPen, plus an easy-to-use, rocking side-switch for dual side-switch fuctionality.

Erasing DuoSwitch(tm) UltraPen(tm)
The only cordless, batteryless, pressure-sensitive pen in the world with a built-in eraser. Came standard with Wacom tablets. It senses every change in hand pressure, for expressive lines and smooth shading. Includes a rocking side-switch for dual side-switch fuctionality that you can program with the type of click you prefer, or with frequently used keyboard functions.

Toebehoren Wacom Nr. Art# Prijs
Wacom UltraPen Duo Eraser (voor UltraPad)   A-4575  € 95,03 incl BTW

Widebody UltraPen(tm) with Ink
See what's at your pen tip as well as what's on your computer screen. The inking cartridges let you draw in red, blue or black ink. You also get two Polyacetal tips for inkless drawing. The wider body has a heftier feel that some artists prefer. Includes programmable side-switch.

Widebody UltraPen(tm) with SmoothStroke(tm)
This pressure-sensitive pen gives you both visual and tactile feedback. Its special tip travels up and down approximately 1 mm when the pen's pressed - just enough to feel in your hand. Also acceptsinking cartridges. Includes programmable side-switch.

Point and Click UltraPen(tm)
Designed to be used as a pointing device for menu selection and template picking. Non-pressure-sensitive, the tip gives a distinct "click" when you press down, for precise single-point response.

Widebody UltraPen(tm) with Pencil
A pressure-sensitive, widebody pen that works just like a mechanical pencil. Click the top to advance the fine 0.5 mm lead. Includes programmable side-switch.

Handwriting UltraPen(tm)
The Handwriting UltraPen's soft pressure-sensitivity makes it ideal for use with handwriting and gesture recognition software. Includes programmable side switch.


4 Button Puck
Popular for digitizing drawings and other CAD processes, it gives you complete freedom of movement with no cord or batteries. You can program each button for a specific function. The ergonomic design means your hand will feel comfortable all day.

16 Button Puck
The very same ease of use and highly accurate, cordless/batteryless technology as our 4 Button Puck, but with quadruple the amount of programmable buttons.


Pen Tether (not compatible with widebody pens)
An collar with attached coiled cord used to attached the pen to the tablet. Useful anytime there is a concern that the pen may get misplaced, lost or stolen.


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